Friday, March 14, 2014


  My goodness... I received an email from a lady the other day, saying she wears her aromatherapy earrings (she got from me) to the hospital every time she gets treatment for breast cancer. She is a fifty-year-old diploma-aromatherapist, so she knows what she´s doing. Bergamot is the essential oil she applies to her beautiful beige bow earrings, because it revitalezes the nerves, reduces stress, and uplifts spirits.

(Available on my Nelland Boutique.)

  First I was shocked, then got emotional. But I´m so happy to be able to help her in that frightening stage of life, where she cannot be sure how things will end up. In a situation like that, any possible help is needed and deserved!
  Never did I imagine my "cute little" earrings would go so deep. I was merely thinking of fighting everyday headaches, stress, fatigue, etc. when creating them. But I´m pleased to hear they can do so much more!

  The lady is in my thoughts every day, and I wish her the best. I hope she will recover fully, and can continue enjoying this amazing gift called life!

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