Thursday, June 27, 2013


  Minnie Mouse is a classic. She is a stylish little missy, and has remained that way for all these decades. Her dress has changed over time, but I´m adoring the red and white one with polka dots on it. It fits perfectly my Litha style, but instead of copying, I made my own, more modern, version of it. (Truth be told, I did not even look at one single picture of Minnie when designing this dress. It is all about the overall image and vibe in my head.)

Black, not white, dots on red. White polka dots are too bright for everyday wear, this way is more subtle. This dress is made with my newly discovered new favorite pattern, with which I have also made my Cozy Rosy Dress and The Little Blue Dress .

How a garment looks from the side profile is equally important than seeing it from the front or back. Many store-bought clothes do not fit me well when seen from this angle. A good reason to custom-sew my own! The shoes are ones I wear on a daily basis. I know high heels would look better in pictures, but since Nelland is all about the real world, I want to show things the way they really are.

A thin strip of embroidered cotton lace shows from beneath the hem bottom. This look is a modernized version of  that of Minnie Mouse´s, so I kept the petticoat and pantaloons department very small. But it is there, to soften and brighten up the look.

Not much jewellery is needed, only small white studs in my ears are enough. With this look I need to be extra careful not to look like something torn straight out of a comic book! The black leather bow on my head I have had for years, and it suits perfectly here. It brings to mind Ms. Mouse´s black ears. =)

The details in a close-up. A little goes a long way. Thanks to them, no necklace is needed.
Makeup is 1950´s style, like is the whole of my Litha collection. Eyes are lined with black liquid liner, and lips have a red coat on. Those are the main focus points. I used no blush, since I have a nice healthy tan on, which in itself gives enough color. The brows are defined with a little greyish brown, and made slightly heavier than usually. On the lids I used matte ivory on the inner corner, and medium brown on the outer corner, blending well. Black mascara on the eyelashes is a must, and can be applied somewhat heavier than normally, due to the eyeliner. This is a very classic makeup.

  I wish I could stay as stylish and ageless as Minnie Mouse, for the upcoming decades!

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