Friday, June 14, 2013


  Yeah right, like I could resist making one for my little girl! There were just two big enough strips of the floral jersey left from my own Cozy Rosy Dress to make this one:

A sweet (and super easy to make) summer look for a one-year-old. For free, made of scratch. How great is that?
Kimono sleeves again, my favorite for their easiness.
A little ruffle to the hem... Looks adorable in a little girl´s dress, but which I left out from my own - it would have made the garment too costume-like.
  I love to go out and play with our Cozy Rosy Dresses on, and we both also have summery straw hats that we wear on hot sunny days. I don´t care if anybody else sees us in matching outfits. What brings me satisfaction is that I myself enjoy the idea. =)

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