Thursday, June 20, 2013


  This is for those cloudy, or rainy, but warm days of summer. When I feel a little mellow, but still enjoying the fact that it is summer, and there is no need for a cardigan, let alone a jacket!

A classic striped fabric, but with a bit more interesting color. Earthy blue and green flow freely in the contrast colored stripes, next to the grey ones. I admit, I did fall for it in the store, and then decided it has a place in my wardrobe.
The kimono sleeves again... With this striped pattern they give an, even bigger than usual, illusion of a wider set of shoulders (to balance out my lower half  =).

Forest green and sky blue play together in this shirt, just like they did in nature on the day of this photo shoot. An easy combo to pair with denim, the base material of my Freedom Collection.

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