Monday, July 1, 2013


  For a change I made rice pudding for afternoon tea.
 (You can see the rest of my eating plan for Litha here.)

This dinner is healthy, gentle, mild, nurturing, low-cost, and fun. Who says dinner has to be savoury?

Cherries! I have always loved them.

My rice pudding is simply chilled rice porridge. It´s amazing how the texture and the feeling of the whole dish changes as the temperature drops. Easy and quick, that´s my style. I don´t have excess time to spare on cooking. But I do want to eat and serve home-made food, the freshest there is. And since I´m not rich and famous, I need to do it all by myself... =) 

The recipe for rice pudding:

1 liter soymilk
2 dl coarsely ground whole grain rice
pinch of salt
(some water, if needed)

+ Pour the milk in a kettle, whisk in the rice. Bring to a boil, gently, whisking slowly but constantly to prevent burning. Once the porridge comes to a boil, let bubble a few times, then remove from heat and cover with a lid. Let stand and go outside to enjoy the summer.
  When you´re hungry, come back in and add little salt (and water if the mixture is too thick) and mix it in with the whisker.
  Ladle on bowls, top with vanilla sugar or jam, or any of your favorites, and munch on accompanied with fruit of the season.
 Have another bowlful too, this will not make you fat!

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