Tuesday, June 4, 2013


  My Freedom-collection needed a summer dress for hot weather.
  Here is what I made, turning rags to fashion (ragshion) by using my husband´s old jeans:

Top and lower half are from two different pairs of jeans. I cut the inner leg seams of the jeans open, folded the fabric in half and placed my patterns over it. Easy. The original seams are not aligned and not centered here, to highlight the repurposed look.

A pocket is always useful. This is the original from the jeans. It is handy to throw in the car keys and shopping list.
The back is plain, with only a center seam running down it. This dress is so short, that my modern pantaloons are a definite must! Also, to add comfort, I placed a sewn-in petticoat. It shows from underneath to add length too. This was as long a hemline as I could make using just 1 1/2 pairs of jeans (which was all I had). And that´s actually pretty cool. Otherwise I would not have made a dress this short (shame on me and my conservativeness  =)!

  Now, when looking at the dress, it seems unbelievable that it was actually men´s jeans only a couple of days ago. I´m so glad I tried this project out!

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