Thursday, June 20, 2013


  Nelland´s Litha collection is thoroughly inspired by the 1950´s. In this Biker Boy- look I´m getting the vibe from Marlon Brando and James Dean posing by their motorcycles. There is just something in their eyes saying that the world is here for them, and they are here to do and take what they want. An attitude I want to teach my son!

  My bad boy- outfit is spiced up by girly puff sleeved shirt, so it is more suitable for a modern woman. I don´t want to be a copy of a man, or something already done before. I always want to do my own thing, slightly different from the usual.

A very classic look, but with my own seasonings. The perfect off-white tee is where it all started. Hard to find, but this is my self-made version of it. I made it already last summer, when I found this gorgeous fabric. Last summer is when I came up with the thought of this look. Jeans are the second factor to this look. These ones I made of a lighter denim, so they are not as sweaty as usual. There are also no pockets, which gives the pants a more sophisticated, not so jeans-like look.

This sketch was my guideline throughout the process. It always feels so great to see the final result!
This dog tag I got as a baby, when I lived in Sweden for a while with my family. I can say I have had it my whole life, and now I have composed a complete outfit around it!

The puffed sleeves are the trick to this outfit. They keep it girly, despite of all the masculine elements around.

Makeup is fifties-styled of course. Strongish eyebrows with a slightly exaggerated arch (but since my outfits and looks are for the real world, and not for photo shoots only, I keep them realistic  =). Light ivory eyeshadow on the inner 2/3 of the lid, and deep cool brown on the outer 1/3. In this look it is important to use black liquid eyeliner to define the eyes with. And black mascara of course. No blush to the cheeks to keep it more masculine. Also for the same reason I kept the lips rather pale, adding only baby pink lipgloss. The focus is on the eyes and brows, leaving the rest of the face more natural. This way I (try to) look pretty, yet quite natural for the 1950´s.

It is the hat that I´m particularly proud of! I made it from an old, second hand leather jacket I got from my mother-in-law last winter. The jacket itself was hideous, but it made a brilliant biker cap!

  I´m proud to carry on this look, not because I like motorcycles (which I really don´t, although we have a big one in our garage...), but for the attitude it represents. I want to keep alive my young, free, and happy spirit, and always believe my journey is taking me forward, to even a better stage of being.

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