Sunday, June 16, 2013


"  I remember walking down the street with a large plastic basket in my hands. Passing by city windows, of which many showcased big and rough pieces of skinned carcasses, ribcages, skulls that still had the eyeballs in them, and spines with some meat strips hanging from them. Both from various animals, like pigs and horses, and humans.

  Okay, that´s new to me, but this is a modern time we live in after all. This is the future. And besides, it is great that all sources of food are used up well, with nothing thrown away. Absolutely, why not?!

  I was heading to a small "grind-o-mat". A grind-it-yoursel parlour, which offered big and powerful meat mincing machines for the public to use. Just like the good oldfashioned laundromat right next door.
  The grind-o-mat also sold pieces of meat quite cheap, but I didn´t need any, I had my own. I only needed to get it minced.

  The meat in my basket was colored considerably brighter red  than the average meat around. But hey, it came from a big-shot athlete, ice hockey player Teemu Selanne, and he must have more red blood cells than the average Joe. I poured the meat into the grinding machine and turned it on like so many times before. As it started to buzz and crunch, I was already imagining the wonderful taste of meatballs  in my mouth. Meat only needs a touch of salt and a good roast to become satisfying and all fulfilling... ahh.
  What now? My daydreaming of the upcoming meal was interrupted. The machine stopped suddenly. Why? Could I fix it? Okay I get it, the normal setting just wasn´t powerful enough! Of course. Phew. All I needed to do was to turn it on turbo boost, and the mincing would continue. And it did. Silly  me,  naturally Teemu Selanne´s meat is also tougher than the average. Why didn´t I think of that before? As the mincing continued, the color of the meat also changed to a lighter shade, as air was mixed into it. Everything was back to normal and average. 

  All right, job done. Now I´m all set and have food for the days to come. No worries, good life may continue."

This is chicken (nothing more suspicious =).

  This is the dream I had some nights ago. But it makes no sense!
  Why would I, a person who has last eaten meat in 1992, would have a dream like this?  Is it the way my subconcious celebrates my twenty-year anniversary of not eating meat? It must be.

  Besides the meat, ice hockey or any other sports is a turn down to me. I don´t watch, follow, coach, or do any myself.
  And what comes to Teemu Selanne, I don´t drool after him either (although I´m sure many women do!). I met him a couple of years ago at work, but that´s it. He seemed like any other experienced professional in their field. No big deal.
  Surely I only wish all the best for Mr.Selanne! No harm meant by this dream. =)

  Funny thing, our subconcious mind. Sometimes mine works in the most mysterious of ways, showing me dreams so absurd, I could never come up with them while awake.
  I´m glad man has not (yet) found a way to explain the subconcious, so it can continue to surprise us in our sleep!

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