Wednesday, June 12, 2013


  Don´t hate your weeds, eat them!

  Here is one way of doing it:

Grab a bunch of wild edible weeds. This is what I had for breakfast this morning; lamb´s quarters. Yes, the whole bouquet. The taste is so mild and pleasant, that it can be eaten like common lettuce. Depending on what weed is in season, adjust the quantity to your taste buds (the level of bitterness varies quite a lot depending on the weed you choose). 

Chop the weed up finely, and add in enough plain (soy) yogurt to make a spread. Season with salt & pepper, chili, and your favorite herb. Mix and spread on whole-grain toast. Top with a sliced veggie. Yummy and healthy.

I eat as much as I want without guilt. Often that is four slices per morning.

  This breakfast is simply good. For you, your wallet, and the environment!

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