Friday, June 7, 2013


  Freedom Collection needed a second outfit for hot weather. I can´t go running errands two days in a row wearing the same outfit, can I?  =)
  Shorts and a basic t-shirt is the solution. Very American to me.

The t-shirt is made of cotton jersey with tiny little "delicate" figures printed on it. The pattern I used to make the shirt is my favorite kind: kimono-sleeved. It consists only of two pieces, front and back. No need to insert separate sleeves. Quick and easy The shorts I have not made myself. I only cut off the legs from the old, carrot-shaped jeans. I was already throwing them away, because I had not worn them in a long time, when I realized that they actually sit well on me at the top. It was worth the try to turn them into shorts. Glad I did!
At summer I feel the most carefree I ever do during the course of the year. It is warm and light, the nature is alive and bursting with energy. People come out from their homes and get into their gardens, stroll in parks eating ice cream, having pick-nicks, wear colorful clothing, and seem happier than ever. I´m so enjoying this time of year!

The pattern in a close-up. Funny thing is, this fabric actually reminds me of my aunt in the late 80´s. It has always been the same thing with this type of fabric pattern, small floral. I don´t even remember if it was something she wore back then, or if it was the curtains or pillow covers in her place. Hmm... Poor her, she is forever defined as the "petite flower print"- lady to me. And she has well moved on from those days, and is looking as good and young as ever!
  At first I hesitated to take this color, light beige, into my Freedom Collection. But then I decided it can be one of the basic colors among the rest: blue denim, black, white, and grey. Beige goes well on sunny days, where grey is better for cloudy/rainy weather.  And I look as good as I can, bare-faced, in light beige.

  The length of the shorts really push my limits. But then again, boundaries are made to be pushed, or even broken! And often we are the ones setting them for ourselves...

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