Monday, February 4, 2013


  The past two weeks have been the toughest I have ever lived through. My eight-year-old son was diagnosed with diabetes. What a shock.
  He has had severe food allergies since birth, and for years now I thought he was safe from other illnessess or bad things in life. I was wrong. It feels so unfair for him.
  Now we have had to learn to live with this newcomer in our family. Luckily my son isn´t much bothered by it, and that´s what gives me strength. He even says he is not ill at all. He says he feels normal and good, and illness is something that makes you feel bad. I have a lot to learn from his attitude! What a great kid.

They say that people who have healthy childred, have no right to complain about anything. They are right.

  Life goes on, and I find myself living so much more in the present. I need to pick up again the things I did before diabetes arrived, and adapt my life to the new situation.
  Nature´s beauty is one thing I find comforting. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. And loved. Love is a powerful force we can derive much strength from.
  And what is life without highs and lows anyway? Boring and blunt. I guess I can´t have the highs without the lows, although I would so much want to.  =)

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