Monday, February 18, 2013


  I love the deep, minty color of thick ice! This outfit is inspired by that rare beauty in nature:

First comes the sketch. Plan is always a plan, and reality doesn´t always follow it to the letter. But it is the perfect place to start.
This bat-sleeved shirt is a staple in my garderobe. It is very simple to make, and is so comfortable to wear. This time I used a swimsuit-like material to make it. It is not warm, and requires a tank-top underneath to keep me warm. But the color, I love it, and wanted this fabric no matter what! The pants are the same ones I wear with my Ice Skater- outfit.

Makeup follows the icy, wintery theme. The eyes: outer third is turquoise, and the inner two thirds pale light grey. On the cheeks I added beige blush, and the lips I coated with clear, glittering gloss.

  This outfit is rather colorful for this season, but the world does need  a splash of color here and there!

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