Wednesday, February 27, 2013


  It´s been a while since I´ve sewn anything for my son (for Christmas maybe?), so I thought it be time to make him something nice:

In the spirit of the old times, when people would still work in the fields by hand, gathering hay for the animals for winter, I designed this nearly-basic-t-shirt. I made it more modern of course, to fit our society these days. Whether combined with straight pants or jeans, this shirt oozes classic, traditional style.
I´m particularly happy about how the details turned out so neat (did I really manage to do that?).

The fabric is made of pure cotton, and is gentle to the skin.

  My boy selects his daily wear from only three different shirts these days (he does have some more, but these ones are the only he accepts =). And I hope this new one will become the fourth!


  1. Kiitti! Kiva kuulla. Ja poikakin pitää kovasti, ei ollut siis turha projekti... =)