Wednesday, February 6, 2013


  Years ago I bought a robe made of soft and lovely jersey velour. It was a nice lavender blue robe, which I thought I would love to wrap myself into in chilly winter evenings and mornings. For some reason I never felt the need to do so. What a waste of money and material!

  Last March I wore that robe. Once. When the labor of my daughter begun, it was the perfect garment to wear at home before heading for the hospital.

  Now I decided it was time to make the robe useful. I cut it into tiny pieces and made this:

A lovely everyday dress for my little girl. In the color that perfectly suits Imbolc.

Buttons in the front are for decorational purpose only. I often like to add some contrast.

Lace in the hem is made of cotton, and along with the buttons, give the dress a bit of vintage look.

The back of the dress is similar to the front. Only there is a seam in the center, because there wasn´t enough fabric in the robe to fit it in one piece. And the buttons are smaller.

  This dress will have the honor of acting as a party dress too, when we go to celebrate a seven-year-old girl´s birthday soon.
   I love multi-tasking. When it comes to clothes, it also reduces consumption. A very nice bonus to practicality!

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