Saturday, February 9, 2013


  Figure skating is a beautiful form of sports. I got inspired and designed this outfit to spread the beauty of it to outside the ice rinks:

If I was a figure skater I would wear this dress/tunic with nothing but tights and skates on. But in the real world it is best to put on a pair of pants...

  First I drew a sketch:

I have a weird love for Bratz dolls, or rather the drawn images of them. It has been handy to use one as a basic figure and then just sketch the pieces of clothing on it. There are plenty of figures to choose from, here is an easy one to get started with. So much fun!
When working on a sketch, I always include a design for the makeup as well. Makeup complements and completes the look.
The tunic is made of off-white jersey velour. The pants are fleece (of course, what else =) and keep me warm in this snowy environment I live in.

I have a lot going on here; the bow in my hair, the earrings, the collar, the pompoms, and the bracelet. But since they are all the same color, it doesn´t feel like it is too much.

Makeup: for the eyes I applied shimmering white eyeshadow on the inner thirds of the moving eyelids, then shimmering medium grey on the outer two-thirds, blending well the edges. I curled my lashes and applied two layers of  black mascara to the top lashes only. Blush is baby pink with little sparkles in it, applied to the apples of the cheek. I finished off with a touch of clear lipgloss with silvery glitter in it.

  Which reminds me that I bought a pair of figure skates for myself for Christmas. So far I have only used them once... but I swear I will go skating more in the time/winters to come, when my baby girl gets a little older and it is easier to go out and about with her. Yes, that´s a promise.

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