Thursday, February 21, 2013


  This has got to go:

I´m giving up my long hair. I will donate it to those in need, who  for medical reasons don´t have hair of their own.
  I´m such a lazy butt when it comes to hair. Clothes, makeup, and nails I can do, but hair... oh boy. Lazyness is probably the reason I have let it grow to these lengths now.
  Sure it´s beautiful! But as a mother of a toddler, long hair is only in the way of everything. And it hurts so much when the kid pulls it! I´ve had this hairstyle for over three years now, and it is time for a change. It will grow back if I ever want long hair again. Plus summer cabin season is approaching, and the main thing to do there is swimming and going to the sauna. Long hair is such a mess there.
  So bla, bla, bla... It has got to go.   =)  May it make somebody else happy in turn, in a wig!


  1. Oho, raaskit leikata noin pitkän tukan. :) Ei vaan, itekkin oon tehny samanmoisia radikaaleja ratkasuja, ja vaihteluhan virkistää. :)

  2. Pitää aina välillä keksiä jotain uutta, ylipäänsä elämässä. Onneksi hiukset on uusiutuva luonnonvara!