Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  This is a basic linen-type dress I just adore. Something that should have been in my girl´s garderobe months ago, but didn´t happen until now:

I wanted to keep this simple, and give room to the material itself. Not 100% linen, but close enough, color and all. Combined with an off-white body shirt underneath, I really get a sense of 1800´s going on here.
I couldn´t resist adding some contrast and depth to the dress. These bows I bought ready-made from a craft store, and they keep well in machine wash too. Color black suits well the old-fashioned style.

I hand-painted this text with a small brush and some textile paint. Very handy and versatile tool for many uses.

In the back I added random buttons, each different from the other, but in the same color scale.

Unlike in many of my creations, the top two buttons actually work!

  This lovely little piece is not sabbat-related, and therefore can be worn year round (although in case of a baby, it will not fit her that long =).

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