Wednesday, January 16, 2013


  When I was fifteen I became interested in eating healthy. That´s when I quit eating meats, fish, and eggs.
   Some years ago I reduced my consumption of dairy, and noticed an even further improvement in my health. I no longer had mucus in my sinuses (which never was a problem overall, but still there was a noticable difference). Today I call myself nearly vegan (because I do eat honey, and occasionally have some  milk chocolate). And I feel great!

  My eating plan for Imbolc is based on something I came up with in my teens, when first starting to eat healthily. I became even a bit too thin then (for my own standards), so I know this can´t go wrong now either.
  (Now I must point out, again, that my goal is not to lose weight now, but rather maintain my current state. If I do see a drop in the scale, that´s just another excuse to have an extra dessert!)

Home-made gluten-free muesli. A staple food in my diet. The recipe for a big batch: 4dl toasted rolled oats (toast in a dry skillet until fragrant), 4 dl puffed quinoa, 4dl coconut shreds, 2dl cacao nibs, 2dl sunflower seeds, 3dl chopped cashews, 4dl dried pineapple, 2tsp vanilla sugar. Mix everything and store in a glass jar. Eat as much as you like. For each new batch you make, I recommend changing the recipe a bit. For example use buckwheat instead of oat, or try dried figs instead of pineapple. You get the point.
Waking up:
 a glass of water + a splash of lemon juice

1/2 liter green tea
a green smoothie (The base: 1 banana, a handful of greens, a handful of nuts/seeds, a pinch of salt, and water. To this I add on Mon: ginger, Tue: lemon zest, Wed: cocoa powder, chili, and vanilla, Thu: goji berries, Fri: any kind of frozen organic berries, Sat: cocoa powder, chili, and vanilla, Sun: any kind of frozen organic berries)

1/2 liter water
Mon: a big salad with beans
Tue: any kind of greens (spinach, broccoli, kale, green beans...) with vegan margarine and beans
Wed: vegan soup and home made bread/scones
Thu: gluten-free pasta with vegan bolognese sauce
Fri: stir fry with tofu
Sat: ANYTHING I WANT (and have craved for during the week)!
Sun: mashed potatoes and carrots with smoked tofu (ready from the store) and fresh veggies

1/2 liter green tea
home-made gluten-free muesli with soymilk

1/2 liter herbal tea with soymilk
2 dl plain soy yogurt with a swirl of honey
(on Saturdays also some dairy-free dark chocolate)

  Now I don´t have to ponder about my eating. I simply go by the plan. Easy and healthy, just the way I like it!

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