Monday, December 3, 2012


  My baby has grown out of many of her older clothes, so it is time to make her some new ones. Here is my latest creation:

A knee-length dress and leggings. My little baby is standing up a lot these days, so a real dress is more suitable for her than before. Hem length is still important to keep short enough, so it doesn´t make crawling too difficult.

The decorative mouse and a piece of cheese are buttons. I thought they were totally cute and created this outfit around them. I used the fabric here inside out, because I found the wrong side prettier and more interesting than the intended striped one.

On the other shoulder, three more mice are on their way to the cheese (the third one is behind the shoulder so you can´t see it in this picture). I think adding details in the backside too makes any piece of clothing look higher quality.

The paws add padding to the knees as she crawls on all fours around the house, and repeats the pink in the button mouse´s nose. I like to repeat colors around the garment/outfit to make it look complete.

  This is also the time of year when real mice try to sneak into our home. They are totally cute (but don´t belong inside the house!), and I wanted to turn that cuteness into fashion. My little baby mouse just looks adorable in these clothes!

  (The patterns used here are from the latest Ottobre magazine.)

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