Friday, December 14, 2012

GOURMET RISOTTO (but healthy!)

  I value healthy, clean, home made food above all. Using quality, preferably ecologically grown, ingredients that hold the most nutrients (the more nutrients, the more satisfying, I have noticed). But since I live in the real world, and don´t have too much time to cook every day, I prefer easy and quick-to-make foods.
  This risotto offers a deep experience in flavors and is mouthwatering. I call it "gourmet" because normally I would just cook plain rice, and certainly would not know how to use wine in cooking.

A dollop of (vegan) margarine crowns it all. Yum!

The recipe (from my Mom):

6-8 dl vegetable stock
1 Tbsp (vegan) margarine
1 red onion
3-4 dl rice (I used whole grain kind, not special risotto rice)
1 dl white wine
2dl frozen peas
2 Tbsp (vegan) margarine

+ Sauté the onion in margarine.
 Add the rice and continue cooking for a couple of minutes.
 Pour in the wine and let it absorb thoroughly.
 Add the stock and let rice cook.
 In the end add the peas.
 Season with a dollop of margarine.

  This was a whole meal for me, and it was difficult to stop eating! My mouth kept wanting more, but my stomach couldn´t keep up.  =)

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