Sunday, December 16, 2012


  Not a costume, but an everyday dress for Yule time. Inspired by gingerbread cookies to brighten up Christmas spirit for us all.

A vest dress and pants. The dress is just the right length for an active crawling baby, so that it doesn´t slow her down. The pants are big enough at the top to fit a washable cloth diaper easily. With cloth diapers I often find it difficult to fit a baby´s bum in store-bought pants, which are clearly designed for bums dressed in small disposable nappies.

This zigzag is what gives the dress a gingerbread taste. I didn´t want it to be too obvious.

Just for decoration. The top needed a finishing touch.

Just behind the toes I added small bows made with the same ribbon used at the hem. Repeating the same element binds the top and bottom well together.
  It is a joy to watch my baby swish around the house with these beauties on!

  A similar pattern for the dress can be found here.

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