Saturday, December 15, 2012


  Lights, evergreens and red bows are what I use to create Christmas spirit outside our house. Like this:

Garage windows.

This is the walkway to our house. My darling eight-year-old son built these flower pots for me this summer.

The front porch. (This is where we eat breakfast in summer, when the sun shines here directly.)

This oak was only my height when we bought this place twelve years ago.

Candles are the most beautiful of lights with their naturally twinkling lights. I just do not dare burn them anywhere too near our home (I´ve had two people I know burn to death in a fire started by a candle. Horrible.). A tree  by the driveway is safe enough.

  Now Santa can see well in our yard when he comes to greet us on Christmas Eve.  =)

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