Sunday, December 30, 2012


 Between all the holidays we are living through now, I´ve managed to make this new outfit for my (fast!) growing baby.

Off-white is a beautiful color that can be worn year round, and every baby looks healthy and natural in it.

I added cotton lace to the sleeve- and leg hems to give it a more romantic look. White on white looks subtle and doesn´t draw too much attention to the lace. The beige stitches give it some contrast and add detail.

The buttons are the star of this look. The main focus is on them. I bought a big bag of random buttons, and selected the best suiting ones to go here. They form like a necklace of different beads, which of course could not otherwise be worn by a baby. But this necklace is totally safe, and cute.

I felt the pants were too bland with just the lace and stitching. Then I got an idea to add this fake "hatch" to it. I have always loved the look of old long-johns I´ve seen in movies, and now finally got the opportunity to use the idea myself. With the risk of making the pants look underwearsih. But with all the other details, they didn´t end up that. (Must note here that, the one leg is not shorter than the other, it just looks like it for some reason =)

  This outfit is original, definitely not boring, and makes my baby look soooo cute!
  Babies are cute no matter what they wear, but why not magnify cuteness by dressing them well? It can only do them good.

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