Friday, December 7, 2012


  At first advent it is time to put up Yule lights and start decorating for the biggest sabbat of the year. I start slowly, adding things along the way until Christmas. This is what it looks like here so far:

 I like to tune into the mood already when stepping in (and out) the house.
A close up of the above. I found this old telephone at a second hand store years ago. I reckon our mobile phones of today will never be considered equally beautiful in the future when they are vintage...
The opposite wall of the entrance hall. Snow has fallen outside, which is always the signal to turn from Samhain to Yule. Nature leads the way.
Kitchen table (in the far back on right you can see the entrance hall)

Hyacinths spread the most enchanting scent, and are natural air fresheners. A definite must to have at this time of year. The lamp between them projects beautiful circling light specs up to the ceiling.

I have these cones hanging throughout the year. Adding simple candy canes turn them into Christmas decoration easily.

    Welcome Yule!

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