Wednesday, December 12, 2012


  This hat can be worn throughout Yule due to it´s neutral color. It is shaped like an elf hat, but when combined with dark blue it no longer looks Christmasy.

The hat is made of a maternity tunic I wore a year ago, when I was six months pregnant. It is lined with a piece of fleece at around the edge to keep ears really warm. The rest of the hat is of thick jersey blend fabric.

The pompom gives it a finishing touch, and I deliberately wanted to keep it simple. I often wear earrings, and they steal some of the viewer´s attention, so a simple hat is more stylish and doesn´t draw too much attention away from the face.
  Grey blends in beautifully with the colors in nature at this time of year. It is a great base color to use at Yule. Grey overall is a nice color, which comes in numerous different shades and hues, and can be combined with pretty much any other color.

  This hat is super easy to make. A similar Santa Claus hat pattern can be found here. Just use your imagination when choosing the materials, this hat doesn´t always have to be red and white!
  Have fun!

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