Wednesday, December 19, 2012


  This is a Christmas present to my sister, whom I´ve always seen as a forest elf. (I´m sure she was one in her past life. =)

I made this hat from my favorite winter fabric,  fleece. It keeps frost bites and wind  out and warmth in and is super soft.

The "evergreen" is also made of the same fabric. I simply cut it in thin stripes and sew it on in the middle. Adding a genuine pine cone gives it a lively and natural look. Little glass beads act as snow on the branches.

  With this hat on my sister will definitely look like a forest elf in this life too. All ready to wander in the woods doing magic. But this hat is subtle enough to be worn in the city too. Decorative and unique, but not too costume-like. I love it!

  I made this hat with the same pattern as I did my own yule hat.

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