Wednesday, November 28, 2012


  It is the time of year to make Christmas presents (again). I have a goddaughter who lives so far away, that I need to mail her present. It always adds up to the challenge of finding the perfect gift for her, in addition that kids these days have everything... Anyway, this year I figured I make her a pair of unique gloves. Just for her, suiting her princess-loving style. She is six.

As a fan of fleece, I naturally made the gloves of it. I know from experience this fabric is warm and comfortable to wear. Upper and lower sides are made of the same material.

Pink is a must to all princess wanna-bes, so I needed to include it here. I still am not capable of making the whole garment pink (I think it´s just too much cuteness =), but little pieces here and there look great. Grey is an essential color to be used in winter, and therefore was an easy choice. The combination works well.

To be honest, I had these buttons already, and did not buy them exclusively for this project, but nonetheless they complement the gloves beautifully, giving them a true feeling of royalty.

  These gloves are made for the real-world-use, so I didn´t want to go overboard with the decorating. These babies please both the eye, and the hands.
  Warm and happy days, your highness = dear goddaughter!

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