Thursday, January 3, 2013


 After over-eating during the holidays, it is time for me too to get my energy levels back up by eating more healthily.
  I have not had the courage to hop on the scale yet. And I don´t think I will for another week...
  Meanwhile I try to eat foods like this:

Broccoli soup and gluten-free bread. (The soup is slightly over cooked since I was upstairs playing with my kids, while the soup was simmering... and of course I forgot it´s existance! The taste was still good, but the color is thus more yellow than in an ideal world.). 

I´m still breastfeeding, so I feel like I need to add some vegan margarine on my bread. Otherwise I would leave it out.

    The soup recipe is from Gwyneth Paltrow at Goop, where she shares her detox plan (for 2009). I think it´s totally cool that she shares diet tips that work for her! Ms. Paltrow, after all, is recognised as one of the most beautiful and stylish woman. Thus she has the pressure to look as good as she possibly can, her career depends on it, and must search and try things the rest of us beautiful women might not otherwise come accross with. What better way to beautify the world than that? So thank you for sharing!

  The bread recipe:

4dl gluten-free flour
2tsp  baking powder
1/2tsp salt
2Tbsp olive oil
2dl water

+ Combine the dry ingredients. Add the liquids and stir.
  On a baking sheet covered tray, form either one big or several small flat breads. Bake at 225 c for 15 minutes, or until edges get a little color.
  (This is the basic recipe to which you can add finely grated vegetables or fruit. In thebread pictured above I added two apples and little cinnamon.)

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