Tuesday, February 11, 2014


  Last weekend I, with my sister and mother, celebrated the princess within us. We took a trip to a wonderland called Frantsila, where we intentionally only relaxed and enjoyed ourselves being lazy.

The main entrance. The buildings are old, oozing the atmosphere of their time. It feels like entering another realm.   The weather was not on our side, but it happens.

Frantsila grows organic herbs and makes heavenly skin- and healt care products based on them. Now their fields are resting, gathering strength for the upcoming summer.
There is a magical pathway criss-crossing around, in and out of the fields and surrounding forests.They call it the "herb route". No herbs visible in February, but I can only imagine what it is like in the summer!

But back to the main thing... These houses accommodate guests from all around the world, all year round.
The sauna. Freely accessible, as were all their marvelous beauty products from foot baths to boob lotions to detox extracts, and everything in between.

More guest rooms in this old lodge.
You can study many forms of alternative medicine and practices here. This room also provides an excellent space for morning yoga classes (which I must admit, I was too tired to attend after watching tv for too long in the evening. Pathetic...? Perhaps, but I figured this princess can do anything she wants to and does not have to get up so early in the morning  =).
Their cute little herb store. I felt like I wanted to buy 80% of the stuff there, but settled for a cook book and a balancing mixture of essential oils to be used with my aromatherapy earrings of course. Speaking of which, will be available in this shoppe in a few days (as soon as I can get the lot ready and shipped). How cool is that? Smart people run the place!
Food was one of the most important reasons we chose this place. Everything is vegetarian, with little or no dairy, and organic and local (if not self-grown) for the most part. And everything is made here in Frantsila kitchen. As a vegetarian/vegan I was in heaven! For once I could taste and chow down everything displayed. A-w-e-s-o-m-e!
The dining room is a cozy nook, where you can eat in peace surrounded by antique furniture and the friendliest atmosphere. The staff makes you feel genuinely welcome and special.
Adorable dried roses, lavender, and other herbs were hung from the dining room ceiling reminded us of last summer. How different this place must be in the summer, with flowers popping up everywhere, attracting butterflies!
  Everyone in our company enjoyed pampering remedies like shiatsu, massage, yoga, or aromatherapy.
  The initial idea was to let loose and childishly have fun playing princess just for one weekend. You know, not having to work, cook, clean or be one bit serious, and to be served and pampered. Frantsila sure delivered! Thank you.
 What a weekend!

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