Thursday, February 13, 2014


  Sounds just as overly sweet and syrupy as it is, my new outfit to celebrate the princess within me:

The name "cotton candy" comes from the fuzzy & furry material of the shirt (the same fabric I made a shirt for my daughter and a couple of hats of). Very warm for this cold season. Most little girls go through the pink phase, and I believe a tiny spark is left glowing inside us. Imbolc is the time of year to let that spark fire up into flames. Pink on pink: soft and furry pink shirt combined with another pink as skirt, topped off with pink jewelry and makeup. But when done subtly enough, I can pull it off as workwear. The grey and black tone the whole down nicely.

Cute is a rising style in Japan, and they say it is gaining common popularity there. I don´t think that´s ever going to happen where I live, but I´m not interested in that. I care about doing my thing, with thought and style. This look is a majorly toned down version of the awesome, genuine, Japanese Lolita-style. I was inspired by cute anime and Lolita, but made my own modern version of it by streamlining and simplifying.
I´ve always adored striped pantyhose, whether seen them on a random person on the street or a movie character. But never until now have I made a pair for myself. I was positively surprised; they do not make me look like a whale after all. Striped leggings definitely fall into the cute category, even in this murky color.

This was my starting point. Reality does not always match with my imagination, and once again I had to improvise. But none the less, I´m so happy with the end result!
Makeup, cute enough? Pink on the cheeks, lips, and inner lid of the eyes. But all are subtle tones, I do not want to look like a Barbie doll (which still seems to be the "it" look for many)!  Less is often more.

A close-up of the skirt fabric. Coincidentally it is made in Japan, so no wonder it suits the look.
  This is the outfit I wore to our princess weekend, and it worked well. It is more made up than what I usually would wear, and that makes it special. I like variety in my wardrobe, and hate dull and unimaginative looks. Can you tell...?  =)

  Hmm... perhaps I should wear this for Valentine´s Day too?


  1. Super cute!! xxx

  2. Thanks!!! I´m bold enough to vary my styles dramatically throughout the course of the year, as you may see if browsing my earlier posts. =) Boring and lame is not my thing!
    Now I´ll go and look up your style... =)

  3. =( Your link does not work...