Sunday, February 23, 2014


  This is an update to the look I made a year ago. The idea and source of inspiration (gorgeous natural minty ice) remains, but recently I found a nicer and warmer fabric for the shirt.

A lighter and more subtle hue of mint mixed with white and a hint of gold. This is one of my favorite patterns, a bat-sleeved shirt. It is easy to make and is a nice change to the usual sleeve fitting. Mint is difficult to find in fabrics, so there is not much to choose from. The fleece pants are the same ones I made years ago. That´s what I love about my wardrobe system, the good pieces endure for years and years, and never go out of style. My personal style that is, not fashion.

This shirt is accompanied generously by natural stone- and glass jewelry. They steer the look away from the 60´s Jacqueline Kennedy and bring ice-like pieces to it. There is quite a lot, I admit, but since the jewelry is like-colored with the shirt, they are not disturbing and add to the whole rather than steel the show. Some are old, some new, but they work together.
These bracelets (and three of the shortest necklaces pictured above) I got as a gift from my dear sister quite a few years back. Another proof that style never goes out of fashion!  =)
As I like to match makeup with the outfit, here I repeat the mint of the shirt in my eyeshadow. I applied it all over the upper lid and around the eye area in general. Then I added medium grey to the outer third of the upper lids to give the eyes depth. Enough is enough, so the rest of the makeup is neutral. On the cheeks I applied beige bronzer as blush, and the lips I covered with glittery clear gloss.
Now this ice faery is ready to go take over the world!  =)

P.S. I need to point out that even with a glittery and shiny look like this one, I don´t give up comfortableness one bit. Did you notice my shoes? Don´t worry, you were not supposed to... It is so slippery here at this time of year with all the ice and snow around, that I´m wearing "safety shoes" with metal studs at the bottom. They grip to the ice so well, that I don´t even notice the weather condition.
  In my style beauty and comfort do walk hand in hand!

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