Tuesday, February 4, 2014


  I can´t believe it, but I made myself a wardrobe:

We have a (too) big master bedroom, and the extra space has always troubled me. What a better way to fill it than build a custom-fit wardrobe?

It is right next to my bed, so I decided to leave an opening to that end to serve as a nightstand. Now I have generously room for both my clothes, and night time accessories such as wakeup-light, cell phone, glass of water etc. And it was all my own idea, yipee. =)

  The doors... They nearly gave me a headache, when figuring out what kind I wanted, and what I would be capable of making (I have more aspiration than experience in woodwork). Instead of going for the easiest option, making them out of plywood, I wanted to challenge myself and go for what you see above. Wooden frames filled with chicken fence and gathered linen fabric.  I´m very pleased with the end result, considering I´m no carpenter.

 I can easily fit in my seasonal garderobe, by the sabbat, and my year-round Freedom Collection, plus the few pieces of party clothing I have. A true all-in-one wardrobe. There is still even some empty shelf space, but I´m sure it will fill up in no time!  =)

  It took a year to complete the project. It is painfully slow to get anything done when you have a one-year-old following your every step. =)
  I started last winter by making the shelf section. Then I let it rest over the spring and summer, until it crept back in to my mind last fall. The project got a good kick-start a few weeks back, when I was able to stay home alone for an entire weekend, and work on it without disturbance.
  Congrats to me, I did it!

  Now all I need to do is get all of my clothes sewn and ready, and I´m in for the perfect life... =)  Maybe not, but it is a delicious project to work on!

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  1. Oh, that's beautiful! I did something similar myself a few years ago for our bedroom (though I took the easy way and just used plywood), and you're making me want to try something similar for the children's rooms. I think it would work really well with brightly coloured fabric for them.

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe