Sunday, February 16, 2014


  This look popped into my mind only some weeks back (as opposed to most of my looks, which I have envisioned in my mind for years): a picture of a lady in the summer in the 1920´s, standing on a terrace in the shade, sipping shampagne while chatting with her charming male and female friends. They are enjoying a pleasant Saturday afternoon and discussing politics and their latest holiday trips to exotic places. Life does not get any better than that.
  Here is what she´s wearing (omit the fact that it is winter in the pictures =) :

A true classic beauty;  timeless white blouse paired with wide-legged black trousers. Simple, sophisticated and elegant. This style also brings to mind Marlene Dietrich, but without the drama. In my version the blouse  is made of stretchy off-white jersey, and the trousers of thick black fleece to keep me warm and cozy.

The makeup is almost nude. White is a color that somehow lets the face glow and look pretty without any trying-too-hard gimmicks. Everybody looks good in white I think. All I did here was add glittery white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes, and glittery dark grey to the outer. Blush is beige, and on the lips I applied glittery clear lipgloss. The earrings are my own aromatherapy ones, and they suit this look perfectly with their black-and-white style.

This outfit leans on the blouse, and I exaggerated it´s leading role by adding lots of detail straight on it. There is a row of black-and-white buttons for contrast, surrounded by off-white cotton lace and strips of clear beads. Other accessories are kept to the minimum in order to keep the focus on the blouse.
Often less is more.

  Now looking at these pics, I can actually imagine myself leaning back in an old armchair, having a good book in one hand, and on the other a small glass of sherry...
  In reality, at the moment I don´t  a) have time to lay back in any piece of furniture, b) read books, and c) drink hardly any alcohol. But I can see it happen in the (far) future, once I´m past my rush years. I have all sorts of plans for my retirement years, and while staying healthy and glorious is the most obvious one, reading books is also included. Not to mention an apartment in Florida to escape this cold and dark... =)

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