Tuesday, February 18, 2014


  We have a few upcoming occasions to attend, so I made my nearly-two-year-old a new dress to wear:

An old-fashioned model but in more modern, and perky, color. I bought the fabric nearly a year ago already, and now finally took the time to make it useful. Otherwise bright green would not yet be on the menu, not until Oestara and Beltane. But I know this dress will be useful all spring long.

All sewn-on details. Using a contrast fabric in the appliques gives it a nicely finished look.

The back is quite plain. The tie-band on the neck is the only detail, and I could not find it in green. Darn!

To bind the look together, I added a row of the satin ribbon to the hem as well. Now it makes sense and complements the look.

  The upcoming events are: two birthdays, visiting Granny, and a week-long camp. Looks like we´re in for a mini-series of super-fun!

P.S. The pattern I used for this dress is called "Sunday Visit" from Ottobre Design Magazine 3/13.

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