Wednesday, February 5, 2014


  As the name predicts, this hat it cute. Cute is suitable for Imbolc, because this time of year, to me, is all about being newborn and thus cuteness cannot be avoided! It is the beginning of a whole new year, and daylight has just started to increase after the long dark period. Sky is filled with baby blues and pinks, which the white snow reflects and gives contrast to.
  I recently discovered that the Japanese styles Lolita and cute anime are fit for my Imbolc. As a source of inspiration that is. As much as I adore both styles, I could not walk around in such costumes on a daily basis. Does that make me a wuss?

  Well, in the midst of the cold winter this wuss made herself a cute, but warm, hat to wear on daily basis:

Soft furry fabric to keep my brain head warm. The shape of the hat reminds me of a kitten with it´s still round and short ears. The ears of the hat are rather a subtle hint of ears, instead of an exaggerated feature. There is a fine line between fashion and costumes, and I like to stay on the fashion side. Pushing the boundaries, but with style.

Buttons hold the "ears" in place and give them form.

The back is plain. I wanted to keep it simple to maintain stylishness, and let the fuzzy fur take the focus. This hat is really warm. Recently we had temperatures around -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Centigrade) for two weeks, and I had no trouble outside enjoying the weather with this baby on!
  If you like my new hat, well, good for you! I made two extras which are easily available at Nelland Boutique, my little shop.  =)

  And because I happened to have the same material in adorable baby pink, I made a couple more hats of it too.

All the same but in cute baby pink.

This is even cuter than the blue one! Why did I not choose this color for myself?

  I´m so excited about being able to share my best discoveries with y´all through my little shop!
  Thanks for visiting!

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