Tuesday, August 27, 2013


  The weather is getting cooler, so I must dress warmer. It feels like I have been wearing dresses all summer long, so now it is time to slip into a pair of pants again.

  The root of this outfit is the t-shirt. It is a shirt I got from a boat dealer, from whom we bought our boat nearly two years ago, and which has been lying in my dresser ever since. We are very satisfied with the boat, Sunde, and the shirt is made of quality material, so I decided to make it wearable. Why waste perfectly good material, no matter the commercial side to it?!

Basic t-shirt and stretchy jersey pants. Comfy, yipee! Here I go with blue again, but what can I do? It is the perfect color for a seaside holiday.  =)
This photoshoot was so much fun! I wish to be able to jump like this still in my sixties, and to maintain my childish enthusiasm even way beyond. Time will tell... 
Here is the before-picture of the shirt. An ordinary, boxy men´s shirt. Soooooo unflattering for women!
But when fitted for me, I feel good in it. Thank goodness for sewing machines!

When making this new, fitted version of the shirt, I cut the old one into pieces, following the seamlines. Front and back pieces, and the sleeves, apart. Then simply placed my old reliable t-shirt pattern pieces on top of the fabric and re-cut it. The neckline had to be made over, and I found this old grey rib-jersey from my stash to use in neatening the edge. I stitched in medium grey for contrast, because the shirt was quite dark as it was. It definitely needed something to brighten it up.

Here is shown the original sleeve edge I was able to take granted for when assemblying the new sleeves. To add to the brightening up of the look, I sew a couple of off-white buttons on both sleeves.

Hail the sea! Usually I always make the top lighter than the bottom, but now I could not select the top color myself, and had to go with the best possible option to pair with in the bottom.

Just as with the shirt, I worked a topstitch on with the same color in the pants. A nice little matching detail in both, top and bottom.
The leg hems are tapered with a strip of the same fabric as the pants are made of. This is a very casual look, and it works well for keeping insects and vegetation, like hay, out. Also it makes it quick and easy to pull on a pair of rubber boots, which I need quite often at our cabin. 

  The wheel-of-the-year rolls on, but we keep on mini-vacationing at our summer cabin. It has become a place of peace and serenity for us. A place where we can forget about the everyday life, bills, work, taxes, insurance policies, global warming, wars, and even dirty laundry! A true getaway, a safe haven.

  P.S. In the same manner as this t-shirt for myself, I have previously made a Sunde-t-shirt for my boy too.

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