Tuesday, August 20, 2013


    This second look for my little one-year-old I call "The Modern Classic". I took a classic look, a striped basic t-shirt and pants, and gave it a little twist to make it more interesting.

   Tuesday is a good day, but not the most fun day of the week. On Tuesdays I am is still focused on work/school/daycare for the week, and want to keep it more tamed and "professional" (obviously a one-year-old doesn´t have to be professional, but I´m speaking in general  =). It is not yet time to let loose, but still enjoy life and beauty.

It is too easy to go too boyish with this look. So I chose a mint-and-grey striped fabric for the shirt to go along with the "jeans". At a glance it looks very classic and casual.

With a closer look the detail pops out: a silvery double necklace. A very usual accessory, but not yet for one-year-olds, right? All girls deserve a little bling-bling.  =)

I thought of a clever trick to make it possible for my girl to wear a necklace without tearing it apart: sewing it right onto the shirt, loop by loop. By hand of course. A little more time consuming, but worth every minute!
The pants look like blue jeans, but are made of soft and stretchy jersey. A rubber band at the top makes sure they are totally comfortable to wear, and she can do all the stunts she wants to without clothes restricting her movement.

To bind the top and bottom together stylewise, I used mint green thread for top-stitching, and added silver bows to the leg hems. It is simply awesome when the top and bottom are in tune with each other, creating a harmonious whole.
  Now in reality I certainly do not mean that this outfit will be worn only on Tuesdays. I just used the weekdays as a base to which to build different characteristics and moods.
  With kids it is not possible to make a Sabbat-related wardrobe and be environmentally conscious. They grow out of their clothes before the next time around, so the lifespan of a piece would only be about six weeks, instead of years like with us grown ups. That´s why the color scheme of this Tuesday Outfit has nothing to do with my usual palette of Lughnasadh we´re living through right now.

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