Thursday, August 22, 2013


  My Freedom fashion is probably the most needed and used collection in my life nowadays. Besides being a stay-at-home mom for now (and wearing lots of Pure Home-fashion as well) I´m often running errands and need to grab an easy-to-wear outfit. That outfit needs a matching makeup, and it so happens that I have come to this conclusion:

As fresh and bare-faced as possible, with focus on the eyes. The idea is to look healthy and clean by nature, without any extra effort. As if I was naturally perfect, but totally oblivious of it. (Ha-ha, far from the truth, but what can I do...!)
On the skin I only added transparent mattefying finishing powder to maintain the natural, shower-fresh feeling. On the cheeks I dusted some peachy pink blush, to give a healthy glow. I´m in the process of letting my eyebrows get a bit thicker, on "brow rehab", to look even more natural and let the brows give more frame and character to my face.

On the eyelids I applied matte off-white eyeshadow on the inner half, and no darker shade anywhere. The idea is to brighten up the eyes unnoticeably. I also added off-white eyeliner to the inner rim of the lower lid for the same reason. It immediately loses the tiredness from my face (which of course I do not even have =) but still the effect is awesome).  The only thing that may be noticeable to the observing eye is the black liquid eyeliner I used, sparingly, to make the eyes pop out of the otherwise bland face. To the lips I applied a thin coat of subtle cool pink lipstick.
  At this time of year I am at my most tanned, even though I do not sunbathe or try to tan. But the sun works it´s magic no matter. As it does on my hair too! It remains too blonde for my taste, despite my attempts of coloring it a bit darker. So this look is quite different now than what it is, say, in February.
   Nonetheless the basics stay the same, and I can run my errands looking like this year-round. I´m convinced that this is such a classic look, that I will not have to be embarrased 10-15 years from now, looking back old pictures. A proof that fashions and trends come and go, but style is forever!

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