Sunday, September 1, 2013


  Friday rules! It starts the weekend, and therefore feels lighter and more fun than the rest of the weekdays. Forget casual Friday. In Nelland Friday is a cause of celebration, and a celebration calls for a dress to go with it. A dress that is fancy, yet down-to-earth. Here is the one I made for my sweetie pie:

Pale light yellow and medium grey couple in this outfit. The dress fabric is delicate and quite thin, even a little see-through. I bought it already six months ago, when I saw it in a shop. I knew then, that I would need it for Lughnasadh for my daughter. There is a zipper in the back to help slip it on. The leggings are grey, so the outfit doesn´t resemble the Saturday Outfit too much. =)
Sarah Kay´s art was the main inspiration for me when I designed the outfit. Her world is totally pretty, cute, and happy. Just like a little (and every aged) girl´s world should be!

Tiny little bumble-bees buzz around the whole dress, and a  few have found their way onto the leggings as well...

Along with the bee appliques, I used light yellow thread in top stitching to make these two pieces a matching pair.

  The premiere of this outfit took place on Saturday, not Friday, when we went to a five-year-old girl´s birthday party. This dress, with it´s airy and cool material, was just perfect for the occasion. The house got a bit too hot from all the people in it, but my girl staid all cool and comfy.
  I´m no fan of disposable consumerism, so I love the fact that this outfit doubled as party wear!

P.S. The leggings are made with a pattern from Ottobre Design´s 4/2013 issue.Very simple and easy (why else would I be making them?    =).

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