Tuesday, August 13, 2013


  Comfortable clothing is often ugly, even for children. I strolled around the mall some time ago, trying to find cute and comfy clothes for my girl to wear, and came home empty-handed. Well I did get her a pack of socks, but that doesn´t count.  =)

  As if I didn´t have my hands full sewing the perfect garderobe for myself, piece by piece, I grabbed a pencil and pen, and started to sketch. What are her/my needs and likes? How to create enough variety? What kind of clothes are easy to wear in everyday life? So many questions, so many choices.

  This is the first outfit for a Saturday at home, full of fun, play, and family time.

For Lughnasadh, soft yellow and warm medium-brown, combined, hit the nail.

Although the nights are becoming dark again (the brown), the days are still light, sunny, and warm (the yellow).

We can still enjoy the butterflies fluttering around us, reminding us that even though Lughnasadh starts the autumn, the weather is still lovely and fit even for them. So let´s enjoy every moment of warmth and sunshine!

I "drive" a standard Singer, with not many nifty features. This shirt, however, yelled for a decorative stitch in contrast color to give detail. This is actually the first time I ever used this stitch, and I must say I am impressed by the outlook and the way it worked on the fabric (didn´t stretch it at all!). Apparently old dogs do learn new tricks after all...  =)
The pants are made with the same pattern as the overalls I made earlier (which have become a favorite by the way, yey!). They are loose and totally comfy to wear.

The material is stretchy but firm, just right for kids´ pants. The color is quite gloomy, so I used yellow thread in sewing. It brightens up the look and also binds the two pieces together.

As a final touch I added yo-yos to the other leg hem to add girlishness. They almost look like flowers - food for the butterfly on the shirt!
  Both of these pieces are easy and made with a very basic pattern (to be exact, from Ottobre design 04/08).  Other patterns can naturally be used just as easily.

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