Thursday, August 8, 2013


  Overalls are a terribly clever piece of clothing for toddlers. Here is a pair I just made for my one-year-old girl, for outside play:

These pants will stay on, no matter how wild her swing gets! Overalls are not a privilege for boys only. They can be made suitable for girls just as well. This is only one, and probably the most classic way, to do it. Still using the good old denim (which here is a leftover piece I found in my drawers) as material, but adding girly details to it. The letter "N" is the center piece, and others add up to the whole, making it balanced.

I hand-stitched the pinkish thread on to create a more home-made feeling, and also a little ragdoll-vibe perhaps. I prefer little girls living the life of a relaxed ragdoll, instead of the perfection-oriented life of a Barbie. Concentrating too much on oneself rules out other dimensions of life. So pretty, but not perfect, is my goal.

Two sets of snap fasteners is an easy way to prolong the pants´  lifespan.
The waist is simple, with only an elastic band, so I added some decorative buttons just for looks.

No back pockets, they are too boyish for this look. Instead other interesting details are offered to please the eye and draw attention.
Buttons are both pretty and functional, they keep the straps in place.
Well thought of from top to toe: the leg bottoms are tapered with stretchy jersey to keep the dirt out, and the fabric from dragging the ground.

  Happy playtime my love!

P.S. The pattern I used to make the pants was from Ottobre Magazine 4/08 (so it probably is difficult to get by now). But you can use any regular sweatpant pattern you can get your hands on, to make these. Only add the missing pieces by casually estimating the measures. It doesn´t have to be so perfect!  =)
   I simply added the patch and the shoulder straps on by approximately eyeballing, and then sketching them straight onto the fabric.

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