Wednesday, August 7, 2013


  The other night it felt like I was in Hitchcock`s The Birds.

I was innocently enjoying the last rays of the setting sun...

 ...when all of a sudden I was surrounded by hundreds of flying ants!

 They were coming from and swirling all over the place, and it felt uncomfortable, to express it mildly. They got on my clothes, skin, face, and hair.

I´m no biologist at National Geographic, but these creatures were definitely ants of some sort. I suppose they are the new generation of future queens, migrating in masses to new lands waiting to be conquered.

There must have been at least a hundred of them on me by the time I was finished taking pictures (stupid me, why do I need to stick my face into everything...?) !

  Luckily I did not get bitten or stung, not even once! Apparently queens don´t hurt their kind... =)
  No matter how unpleasant the experience, I know they are an important part of this world, and have a job to do. So I gently shrugged them off me, and moved my lazy queen butt inside and went to bed.


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