Thursday, July 4, 2013


  My Cozy Rosy Dress has become my favorite home wear. But sometimes days aren´t quite warm enough for the dress alone, so I needed to make something to keep me warm in cooler weather.

It took a while to figure out whether to make a large scarf, a cardigan, or a bolero. I think this works well, and is a bit more surprising than a regular cardigan. Also a bolero does not cover the dress as much, keeping the main focus still on it. I went for a soft peach color to give variety to the outfit. Plus it suits well the straw hat I always wear outside when it´s sunny.
To my own surprise I have felt really good dressing in this romantic way. The bolero is equally romantic to the dress, so they go well together, complementing each other.

A simple length of satin ribbon keeps the bolero in place. The brown fabric showing from underneath the peachy main one is the same I used to make the petticoat to the Cozy Rosy Dress. A little detail, which binds the outfit together.
In the back the collar broadens my shoulder line nicely. The fact that the bolero ends at my waist emphasizes the hourglass-figure which, to my standards, is what us women should aim for. That´s what makes us feminine and separates us from men.

The fabric is literally full of holes, so even in a more humid weather it still breathes well, and doesn´t get sweaty.
  Hopefully this bolero will become a favorite too, just like the dress!

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