Friday, July 12, 2013


  Need is the reason I made this dress. I´ve been totally lost while my favorite Cozy Rosy Dress has been in the wash... But no more! Brown beauty to the rescue:

Hay fields are slowly turning yellow, as Lughnasadh approaches. The Brown Beauty Dress suits particularly well this season, although in it´s neutrality, it can be worn year-round.
I love the color: greyish cool brown. I can see myself wearing this like all the time! And it is so comfortable it could be a nightgown. (But I will take it off for bedtime =).

The viscose jersey fabric is so stretchy that the neckhole ended up a little large... So it opened a great opportunity to use a vintage lace shirt, I once got from a co-worker (who again had gotten it from her grandmother), to make it less revealing. I cut a piece of the original neckline of the lace shirt, and placed it under the dress. Now I can walk around decent! The lace looked so nice, that I wanted to add a little more to it. Luckily I found a few crochet flowers from my stash to hand-sew onto the dress. Now I think they complement each other, and it looks nicely finished.

The sun was still rising when the photoshoot took place.
Ta-daa! I made a mini-bolero-like detachable sleeves of the same fabric to keep me warm on these chilly mornings and nights. Since the sleeves are made of the exact same material, they don´t stand out as they would otherwise. At a glance this looks like a long-sleeved dress.

In the back the bolero gives a little more volume to my shoulders, and narrows the waistline. Who wouldn´t like that?

Luckily I´m not allergic to hay pollen!

A close-up of the fabric. This type of pattern reminds me of the 80´s. I´m not particularly fan of the style in that era, but in this dress the pattern works well, and brings to mind grandma-style rather than the eighties. And I´m just fabulous enough to wear grandma-style without looking ancient, right (but let´s not ask my husband =) ?!

Since this is home wear, no makeup is included. I believe skin needs it´s rest, and I never wear makeup at home. (In pictures it looks really bland, but hey, that´s just me!)


  1. Wonderful collection..I should check out such tunics at my favorite online boutique !!

  2. Thank you! You are lucky if you can find fitting clothes at stores, let alone online! Good for you.

  3. Looking awesome in these tunics....hey try some Indian ethnic clothes will also suits on you1!!

  4. Awesome outfit dear...just need of fabulous designer eyewear with it!!

  5. Good idea! So far I´ve only learned to use sunglasses when driving, either a car or a boat. =)