Tuesday, July 23, 2013


  Frogs possess an unexplained cuteness to them! I know my mom doesn´t understand that, but I have just loved frogs as long as I can remember. Even as a little girl, at about 5 or 6, I collected frogs into my little bucket I carried around with me in the forest. I liked to think they were my pets, watched what they were doing for a while, and then let them go back into the wild of course.
  Even today I have the deepest sympathies for frogs, and always am careful not to step or drive on them, or cause harm in any way.

  Now it is the time of year when baby frogs crawl up from the ponds and streams, and find their way to the big world. Here is one cutie I saw today:

This little fellow is smaller than a raspberry!

  Simply seeing this adorable baby toad made my day a little brighter. It is the little things in life... =)

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