Sunday, July 28, 2013


  The classic of all times: a little black dress. This one is not for fancy coctail parties, but rather for everyday wear. When worn with minimalistic golden earrings, it is very casual, but when loaded with fake gold jewelry like I did for this photoshoot, it goes well even for a night on town!

Since I´m so in love with the shape and wearability of this dress, I made one more with the same pattern (like so many other dresses this year  =).

The fabric is not entirely black, it has dark grey abstract and messy stripe-like rows running accross it. And that is the reason why I chose it. The print makes the whole more interesting, without drawing pretty much any attention to it. And it is more careless to wear. You know how well even a single blonde string of hair shows on plain black. But not on this baby!
At this point of year I want to show my natural tan and freckles. They are what give me the ultimate summer-look. Thus I want to keep the makeup natural, even when going out to town. Here I only applied very light and see-through finishing powder on my skin, to keep it matte. The eyes are lined with a black liner, and a peachy blush and lipgloss add the final touches. 
I was at my sister´s and, among other things, we went to taste Italian ice creams on a promenade terrace. I tried out cardamom and pistachio flavoured treats.

Hmm... tasting, tasting...

Yay! Excellent! Awesome! Very sweet and not too fatty. Too bad the cup was so small. =)

Moving on, by foot. I love strolling by the canal on a light and warm summer evening. I wish it could be summer year-round!

  In my sabbat-related wardrobes black is only used in Samhain Collection. But black is the basic color in my Freedom Collection, along with denim, grey, and white. This dress is the first black piece, and I must admit, it is a pleasure wearing it. So easy and care-free. Didn´t even have to worry about ice cream dripping on it!

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