Wednesday, July 17, 2013


  A little humble cabin on a small island  is where I find peace of mind. Our own secret hideaway, beyond public roads, bridges, even ferries. The only way to get there is by a private boat.
  That is the place we bought a couple of years ago. A place I originally hoped and dreamed of getting about fourty years from now, right before retiring. But oops, we did it this early! All the more fun, now we can enjoy awesome holidays at sea with our kids while they are still small. A shared fun is a double fun, as they say.

  Here is a collage of one of our trips this summer:

It all starts with a three-hour road trip.

I keep snacks at hand to prevent me from falling asleep while driving. No, I did not eat them all...

Then there is the 15-minute boat trip.

I can nearly smell the sea just by looking at this picture. Lovely!

This is the sight I wake up to. The cabin itself is old and needs to be fixed in the upcoming years, but who cares when it is located like this! I´m so in love with the sea.

Terns are waking up to a new day with me. They are beautiful birds, but they poop on our pier...
Red-breasted mergansers also inhabit these waters.

I got a moment of peace when the boys went fishing, and our one-year-old took a nap at the same time. As a stay-at-home mom I can dearly appreciate and enjoy moments of absolute solitude. Here I´m reading a macrobiotic cookbook.
Although "our" island is small and rocky, and rather barren I might say,  nature´s flowers still find a way to grow and beautify our life there.

Sauna is a must every evening, and after that I got acquainted with some whiskey and cola. Actually I prefer rum with cola, but this whiskey my husband got as a present, and I´d hate to waste it...

Every day ends at watching the sunset.
Although I´ve seen it so many times, this sight keeps taking my breath away!

    Having a "second home" (without any amenities or anything luxurious) suits our family´s needs of getting away every now and then. We have our paradise only three hours away from our home, and we can go there weekly if we want.
  It is not easy to travel the world with a kid who has severe multiple food allergies, and now the diabetes as an additional challenge. Plus overall I bow to people who limit their flying to the minimum for the sake of our planet. We are definitely doing our share. =)
  This secret hideaway place gives us the feeling of total freedom, detached from the "real world" back in main land. It is a place for family, fun, summer, relaxation, and always a happy holiday!

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