Tuesday, July 30, 2013


  Here is the newest addition to my holiday at sea collection, a black and grey striped dress. Until now everything in the collection has been more or less blue. So this is a nice change, and it goes especially well on cloudy days.

Inspired by the weathered pier at our summer cabin, I designed this dress to be a dream to wear on holidays. Easy, stretchy, care-free, non-wrinkling, and most of all comfortable. Mission accomplished!

Two rules of dressing while vacationing at the cabin: 1. no makeup, 2. no bra. Hail freedom!  =)

I love the look of weathered old wood. These planks have taken the sun, storms, and frost since 1995. Beautiful.

A lazy day is a (rare) treat well earned...

The fabric is wonderfully soft, light, and literally feels like I´m not wearing anything at all.

Simple joys of life.

The fabric was stretchy also lengthwise, so it stretched the neckhole too big for my conservative taste. So I added a slab of scratch fabric underneath (to keep my ribcage, not cleavage =), from showing). It looked too plain as it was, so I dug through my storages and found this satin ribbon. It adds a vintage touch somehow, and completes the otherwise simple look.
An old lantern I found from the shed behind the cabin. I like to sprinkle little vintage details around to create a special spirit to the place.
Happy (and lazy) days!

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