Sunday, April 27, 2014


  Yes, it is finally here, the very beginning of summer! The signs are all over by now:

Black crows are flying around in pairs.
The most obvious sign is the farmers beginning their annual field work. Here is white cabbage on the way.

Willow has outgrown it´s kittens.

Birch pollen is abundant and everywhere!
Even lady bugs are out and about. I have a love/hate relationship with these creatures. They are adorably pretty, but unfortunately I have had quite a few of them actually biting me over the years. I have not even taken them in to my hand or anything, they´ve just come out of the blue and bitten me! No fair...
Out of the barren ground they rise. Coltsfoot is like a miniature sun itself.
As a smart girl, my two-year-old points her finger at the fresh wild sprouts and says "food, food, food"!

From now on life can be nothing but sweet...
  Yes, the time has come to turn the wheel of the year to Beltane. Yipee!

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