Saturday, April 5, 2014


  Lush green summer is ahead of us, and I have been preparing for it by making a brand new style of earrings.

Green lace leaves with clear glass beads as "dew drops". Totally down to earth and natural, a tree-hugger´s dream.  =) I have enjoyed wearing essential eucalyptus oil on them. It is refreshing and cleansing, and clears up sinuses (which is nice during this pollen season).

Although the earrings are quite big, they don´t pop out too much. As you can see, they go well with a no-makeup look too. Their subtle hue of green makes them blend in with our (humans´) natural coloring. And despite their size they are very lightweight, and thus easy to wear.
  I can´t wait for the real green leaves to arrive!

P.S.  I made a few extra pairs, which are available easily on Nelland Boutique. 20 euros/a pair (including a gift box + shipping & handling).

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